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Micro Scooters – the award winning children’s scooters

Childrens scooters Didsbury Manchester Micro Scooter

Mini Micro Scooters and Maxi Micro Scooters – available at Giddy Goat Toys in Didsbury, Manchester

There are various models of children’s scooters available, however, in my opinion, wearing both my Mum’s hat and my Retailer’s hat, the best on the market in terms of quality and ease of use has to be the Micro Scooter.  They’ve won a raft of awards too including a Gold Award in the category of ’Toddler/Pre-Schooler Toy at the Practical Parenting awards and Top Award at the Right Start Best Toy Awards 2011.

Micro Scooters are Swiss designed and it’s their superb design that gives them the edge over other scooters.  Having two wheels at the front and broad foot board is what makes them so easy for children to use, whilst the lightweight yet sturdy nature of the Micro Scooters means that they are built to withstand daily use whilst still being lightweight enough to carry home after the school run.

micro scooters

And it’s the school run when the Micro Scooters really come into their own as parents can travel at a decent speed rather than trudging along at the glacial speed favoured by small children in our part of Manchester. You do see lots of children scooting along to school and parents doing the return journey with scooters hanging from younger children’s buggies, whilst the local parks are dotted with scooters at weekends.  Given the frequency which children use their scooters and the joy they get from them, they really do give good value for money.

Mini Micro Scooters are recommended for children from two years, however many parents buy them for younger children precisely because they are so easy to use and we have many parents buy them as 2nd birthday presents.  They will then last till the child is approximately 5 or 6, depending on the height and weight of the child. The Maxi Micro Scooters are from approximately 6 years old, though again we have had them bought for younger children and can be used till approximately 12 years old, again depending on the child’s age and height.


I recommend them as both a mum and a retailer (my youngest son has a Micro Scooter which he loves, whereas my older son had one of the inline scooters which quite frankly was a waste of £25 because he found it so difficult to get the hang of so never used it).

We stock these in our shop which is based in Didsbury, south Manchester, where we can show people how to put them together and how to extend the height of the handle on the Maxi Scooter.  We don’t sell the scooters via our website, though they can be viewed by clicking here and we can take orders or reserve items over the phone.  Holders of the local Tag Pass it On loyalty card scheme benefit from 10% off when they purchase a scooter from us. 

Micro Scooters currently come in a choice of pink, orange or blue for the Mini Micro Scooter or raspberyy, blue, red or purple for the Maxi Micro Scooter*. To check stock levels or reserve one call us on 0161 445 1097 or email us at

*colour options correct as at time of publishing June 2016

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