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Scooter - Yglider Air Green

Yvolve Sports

Scooter - Yglider Air Green


Scooter - Yglider Air Green

The Y Glider Air kids’ scooter makes riding a breeze! The patented ‘lean to steer’ technology is designed to build confidence and help them master new skills. There’s even a chunky rear foot brake for emergency stops! Ideal for beginners, the three-wheeled design and extra wide deck is incredibly stable and smooth rolling. Light enough for kids to carry on their own, this is the perfect ride for their first scooter adventures.

The Yglider's are supplied by Yvolve Sports who are based in Ireland.  Here at Giddy Goat Toys we are proud to be working with Yvolve Sports due to their high quality products and their commitment to excellent customer service.  All Yvolve Sports products are dispatched directly from their warehouse direct to our customers and they aim to despatch orders within 48 working hours of receipt.  Please note that shipping make take up to 7 days depending on your location.

Y Glider Air vs. Regular Scooter

The Y Glider Air features a unique system that allows kids to steer by leaning rather than turning the wheel. A new riding experience, this gliding motion is much easier for young riders to balance and cruise along. The deck is also wider than most regular scooters, leaving enough room to ride with both feet facing forwards. The best way to experience the exhilaration sensation of riding a Y Glider is to take one for a test ride!

Spend time together

It can be tricky to find activities that everyone in the family enjoys. Kids and adults often have a very different idea of what makes the perfect weekend. Scooters are a great way to burn off excess energy, take rides together at your pace, or kick back at home and watch the fun. 

Master the school run

Transform the morning school run from chaos into calm. Leaving the car at home helps to sneak exercise into the day without them even noticing. It’s also a much better way to start the morning, giving them a chance to let off some steam before they reach the school gates. The Y Glider Air is even designed to be light enough for you to carry home afterwards.

The perfect kids’ gift

For parents or grandparents looking for this year’s coolest gift, scooters are always a winner. No ordinary scooter, the Y Glider Air is a revolutionary riding experience and the perfect way to set kids up for a lifetime of healthy activity. The unique design helps them to physically and emotionally develop skills such as coordination, balance, spatial awareness and a ‘sense of self’.

Less screen time

Modern life means that we often spend way too much time in front of screens. We believe that the best alternatives to technology need to be just as much fun and engaging. Scooters are one of the most rewarding and healthy ways we know to encourage kids to stay active. The Y Glider Air is so easy to ride that they’ll be racing around within minutes!


Top Review

“My 2 ½-year-old loves this scooter and was able to figure out how to ride it in minutes! The handlebar is not height-adjustable and is a good height for her (with room to grow), the base is wide enough for her two chunky toddler feet, and it takes effort to turn (which I believe is a good thing so she doesn’t turn quickly and fall). The scooter is sturdy and my daughter loves the pink colour! My six-year-old has an older version of the same scooter and still uses his (and he is tall). So I believe you’ll get years of use out of this product.”



Is the scooter easy to assemble?

If you’re anything like us, you probably don’t like instructions. That’s why the Y Glider Air comes pre-assembled – one click and it’s ready to ride.

What type of scooter is best for my child?

All scooters are a fun way to exercise. If your child is a young beginner rider then three-wheeled gliders can be a softer learning curve than regular scooters. They are much more stable and are designed to allow kids to develop at their own riding pace and gradually perfect their skills.

What are the health benefits?

Too many to mention! The latest health guidelines suggest that toddlers and young children should be active for at least three hours a day. Scooters offer an all-body workout using natural, everyday movements. This helps kids to develop motor skills, improve cognitive development, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bone and muscle – and have fun at the same time!

How safe is it to ride a scooter?

Kids over 3+ years old usually get the hang of riding the Y Glider Air within minutes. Unlike a regular scooter, the three-wheeled design makes it much more stable and easier to ride. Kids can progress in stages, and there is an easy-touch foot brake to slow them down. Overall, riding a scooter is a low-risk activity that provides massive health benefits. However, we always recommend that kids wear a helmet and safety accessories when they’re riding, especially when they’re first starting out.


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