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Boggle - family word game

Wind Designs

Boggle - family word game


Boggle - family word game

Fun game for all the family in which the aim is to find as many words as possible on the 4 x 4 letter grid before the sand timer runs out. You have 3 minutes to search out as many words as you can see spelled out on the cubes. The longer the word, the higher your score, but you only score points if nobody else has the same word. Add up your points and see who is the winner.
Be inventive, be creative, but above all, be quick. Use as many of the letters as you can, and make sure the letters you choose touch in word order. Try to think "out of the box" because, if anyone else spots the same word as you, then no one gets points for it.
This 3-minute word game is fast, fun, and fantastic and is ideal to take on holiday. 

1 Boggle Grid Base and Lid
16 Letter Cubes
1 Sand Timer

For 2+ players

Recommended ages: 8+

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