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Brainstorm Toys - Aurora Northern Lights Projector

Brainstorm Limited

Brainstorm Toys - Aurora Northern Lights Projector


Brainstorm Toys - Aurora Northern Lights Projector

The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are a seemingly miraculous natural phenomena of coloured lights that many people would love to witness in their lifetime. But not everyone can make a journey to the Polar Regions to see this awe-inspiring spectacle.

Now you can bring this amazing natural light show into your own home with the Aurora Projector. The projector uses multi-coloured LEDs, with two patterns and eight different colour modes, to display moving aurora lights on the walls and ceiling of a darkened room.

Auto shut-off mechanism saves battery life. Secret code unlocks multilingual online information. Ideal for parties and sleepovers or as a relaxing night light.

  • Witness the amazing natural phenomena of the Northern Lights in your own home
  • The Aurora Northern Lights Projector projects this fascinating natural light show onto walls and ceilings
  • With multi-coloured LEDs, two patterns and eight different colour modes
  • Produces a wonderful display of moving aurora lights in any darkened room
  • With auto shut-off mechanism and secret code to unlcock interesting online information

Brainstorm Toys is a range of fun, educational and interactive STEM toys that brings together a host of fascinating items. STEM toys incorporate science, technology, engineering and maths and encourage children to explore and develop a passion for these subjects. The aim of Brainstorm Toys branded products is to entertain children but also to inspire them to learn more about their environment.

    Suitable for ages 8+

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