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Magformers 14 Construction Set


Magformers 14 Construction Set


Magformers 14 Construction Set

MAGFORMERS construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. Each set contains various pieces in simple geometric shapes: triangles, squares, rhomboids and many other shapes that can easily connect only using the power of the built-in magnets. With high quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities are endless!

How Magformers Work

A Magnet has a positive and negative pole. The opposite poles of the magnet attract each other while the same poles of the magnet repel each other. The neodymium magnets which are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of Magformers make Magformers rotate to any direction and connect each other regardless of their position when two Magformers are brought together.

Creativity and Brain Development

Magformers is the best 3D toy for children's creativity and brain development. Children can transfer 2D plan shapes to over one hundred 3D geometric structures and while they are playing, they can naturally recognize the principles of magnets by feeling the magnetic power. Magformers is the super powerful magnetic toy which leads children to the world of limitless imagination and creativity.

The Magformers 14 is an ideal starter set for children to play with.  It consists of eight brightly coloured triangular pieces and six brightly coloured square pieces and includes a Model Booklet to inspire children to create different shapes and structures from the pieces in the set. 

    Suitable from ages 3 years +

    Product by Magformers UK.

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