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Mega Marble Run by Galt Toys


Mega Marble Run by Galt Toys


Mega Marble Run by Galt Toys

Marble Run's are always popular toys - children love to build them and then race the balls down the routes they have created.  Constructing the runs is such a fun activity and a great way of encouraging the development of logical thinking and because they can be built differently every time it means the Marble Run sets really have a fantastic amount of play value and educational value.  They're also great for a number of children to build and play with together, encouraging communication skills and teamwork and what's more, they're one of those toys that adults can't resist having a go with, making them great for a bit of fun quality play time with your youngsters!! 

The Mega Marble Run is Galt's biggest marble run set and contains 100 pieces including 3 vortex, 3 paddle wheels, a wiggly bell chute, staircase, two way chute, 180 degree turn and much more.  Also contains 20 marbles. 

Create small, simple marble runs or more complex structures with the colourfulslot-together plastic pieces. The marbles will disappear inside the columns, roll down the variety of chutes, spin through the paddle wheels and ring the bell on the wiggly chute.   Hours of fun.

Recommended 4 years and over.

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