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Ok Play - Strategy Game

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Ok Play - Strategy Game


Ok Play - Strategy Game

A fun strategy game for two to four players, which is great fun to play but also really simple.  The design of the game also means it's easily transportable so perfect for taking away on holidays, weekends away or family visits.

How to Play

Short Description: 

“OK” – it’s the world’s most understood word, which makes it the perfect name for the world’s easiest to understand game. Just grab a coloured stack each and start laying down tiles until someone makes a line of five. That’s it!

No board, dice or fiddly-bits to lose – plus it’s strong, waterproof and portable.

Long description


The rules are simple. Each player receives a stack of coloured tiles, taking it in turns to place a tile on the table and racing to get five in a row before anyone else. Each tile must line up with the flat side of another (no placing corners on corners) and the lines can go horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you manage to use all of your tiles and there’s still no winner, you can reposition them one at a time. That’s it!


Easy to learn but complicated to master, OK Play offers a range of different play-styles. Go on the offensive, trying as hard as you can to create as many lines as you can, or play defensively and focus on blocking players, waiting your chance to strike when they’re not expecting it.


Recommended ages: 8+

Players: 2-4

Time: 15 mins


Contents: 60 tiles, holder and karabiner

*** Tried and tested in the Giddy Goat household where it has been a hit with the teenage boys and parents ***

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