B Toys – inspirational children’s toys at Giddy Goat Toys

B Toys – inspirational children’s toys at Giddy Goat Toys

B Toys – inspirational children’s toys at Giddy Goat Toys

B Toys – fun and funky children’s toys

One of our favourite toy ranges within our Didsbury shop is the B Toys range by Battat Toys.  Battat are a Canadian brand and they make bright and colourful fun activity toys.  The toys are fantastic quality and have been well designed to offer lots of play value to children due to their different functions and features.

The range has been developed by a team of parents who know how children like to play, for example, all parents know how much babies love to play with their mobile phones and keys; which whilst they give you a bit of peace, aren’t designed to be toys, so hat’s off to the clever mothers at Battat who created the Light & Sound Phone and Light & Sound Keys, both of which are great sellers here in our little corner of Manchester, as they really do resemble real mobile phones and keys and have button functions which make noises.

We all know even young children can quickly tell the difference between your keys and a clunky plastic toy that is meant to look like a set of keys and refuse to accept the safe imitation!  The Battat toys bridge the gap perfectly between safety and something that really does look like the keys to the family car.

Being a fan of toys that are a wee bit different and bring a smile to the face, my favourite B toy has to be Meowsic, the cat themed children’s keyboard.

B Toys Meowsic


Being a fan of toys that are a wee bit different and bring a smile to the face, my favourite B toy has to be Meowsic, the cat themed children’s keyboard.

It makes five different sounds which include piano, bells, organ, banjo and the all-important meow! Not only this, but Meowsic also has different modes to choose from which include rock, blues, samba, techno and disco plus it features volume and tempo buttons to speed up and slow down the beats, a play and record button, which enables budding rock stars to record their own musical masterpiece and then play it back to their enraptured audience. It doesn’t record their voice, but it does include a retractable microphone for sing along sessions and with 20 familiar catchy songs to play and seven witty kitty tunes. Meowsic really does have hours of play value. And just look at it, who could resist smiling back at Meowsic.

If your child is more of a dog lover or a budding guitarist, there is always the option of Woofer. Yes you’ve guessed it a dog themed guitar.

Again, the simply bonkers design generally guarantees a smile and, like Meowsic, it has tons of play value and is a great toy for encouraging role play and creating music. You can play in three different modes; acoustic, electric or pure hound dog, plus there are 20 sing-along favourites and a lyric and music booklet is included.

There are eight musical buttons that let you play chords, whilst the guitar strings also play the chord progressions or pre-recorded songs.  The Whammy Bone also lets you make any song your own, whether you are in acoustic, electric or funky hound Dog mode!

Also popular and with oodles of play value is the Wee MD doctors play set which includes 14 realistic looking medical tools, some of which, such as the stethoscope include realistic sound effects. Children love role playing and playing doctors can not only be great fun but can be a way of encouraging nurturing skills. The set comes in a practical carry case and we have had some lovely feedback from local parents who have said their children have really loved playing doctors and nurses with this set.

Wee MD B Toys


The fabulously named Toulouse Laptrec is another winning toy from the B range. A drawing toy that can be used again and again, draw, write, scribble, erase. It contains a special drawing tool which is attached to the toy, plus four magnetic animal stamps and it has a comfy beanbag pillow on the reverse making it comfortable for resting on laps. The perfect travel toy, younger children can have fun scribbling, making patterns and drawing whilst older children can have endless games of noughts and crosses or hangman without having to take reams of paper.

As well as being high quality and great fun, we also love B Toys because of the ethics behind the company.

The history of B Toys

B Toys were developed by a team of designers, working in conjunction with family-run manufacturer Battat who decided it was time for toys that made a difference to the world and the children in it. High ideals to aspire to and they aimed to do this by designing toys that were creative, intelligent and delightful for the children that were going to be playing with them, but made with a sense of responsibility towards the wider environment, thereby combining beautiful design and great play value with environmentally friendly packaging materials and a little bit of fun for the parents too by way of the enclosed booklets of funny kids’ quotes.

Many B toys come in the world’s first packages that become gift wrap. Just flip the package over and the box wraps itself!  Great for your pocket as well as ideal for those of us that struggle with gift wrapping!

What’s more, the lovely people behind the reins at B donate ten cents per toy sold to Free The Children, the world’s largest network of children helping children, whose business model is based on empowering children to help other children.

We hope you will love the B range as much as we do – the toys featured above are just a small selection of our favourites so to view our full range of children’s toys, including the amazing B range, click here or call or email us if you would like further information.