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Sylvanian Families - Yellow Labrador Family

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families - Yellow Labrador Family


Sylvanian Families - Yellow Labrador Family

Father Barker loves to play any sort of game, even more than his children do! Barker has a collection of his old toys lined up in his room.

Mother Lucy is a very good reader. She reads books to her children as well as the babies at the nursery. If Lucy has had a busy day, she sometimes falls asleep reading before her children do!

Buddy is very attached to his father and can come across a bit spoilt. His favourite soft toy was given to him by his father and he still sleeps with it in his bed at night. Buddy is easily embarrassed and won’t tell his friends that he sleeps with a soft toy still!

Sadie loves clothes, often wearing the same as her friends. On family weekends away she wears her favourite dress – the one that matches her mother’s.

Set includes 4 dressed poseable figures.

Recommended ages 4+

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