Giddy Goat Toys – our magical Manchester Toy Shop

Giddy Goat Toys – our magical Manchester Toy Shop

Giddy Goat Toys – our magical Manchester Toy Shop

The Magical Manchester Toy Shop

Who remembers the thrill of your parents telling you that you’re going to the Toy Shop to pick a present? Whether it was for Christmas, a birthday, or even a simple treat – the excitement of stepping into a world full of toys was a magical experience.

Giddy Goat Toys - children's toy shop in Didsbury, Manchester


There are not that many small independent traditional toy shops left, but here in Didsbury village we hope we’re successfully continuing the tradition of the magical toy shop visit and delighting children and parents alike with our range of fantastic toys.  It’s always brilliant when people step through the door and start ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at our shop and our toys, with grown-ups picking up toys that they remember having as children, such as The Galt Pop Up Toy or wooden train track or children making a bee line for the latest Lego set or looking at our range of Disney characters and we’d like to believe that some of our toys go on to become a child’s favourite that will be cherished, handed down the generations and remembered fondly.


As well as creating a wonderful environment to shop in, we hope that we create a little bit of magic with our changing window displays, which have ranged from an autumnal woodland display featuring lots of woodland creatures snuggled up in their burrows, to winter wonderlands, to street scenes featuring local Didsbury landmarks, plus also spooky Hallowe'en scenes and an Easter themed display featuring a giant Easter bunny. Our window dresser Ruth puts a lot of effort into creating magical scenes and people often take the time to come in just to tell us how lovely our displays have.  Often we will run competitions in conjunction with our window displays such as count the number of easter eggs hidden or name the playmobil character.  Children love taking part and feeling involved in what is going on in our shop.

Easter themed window                      

At Giddy Goat Toys, we especially believe in the value of toys that encourage the imagination, for young children having an imagination is a beautiful thing, so as one of the leading independent toy shops in Manchester, we have a great range of role play toys such as our food role play sets, castles and pirate ships.
Our toys range to suit babies and toddlers, children aged 8 and over and everyone in between too.   As an independently family-run business we pride ourselves on the quality of the toys we sell, many of which won't be found in the big high street toy chain stores - in particular one of our favourite suppliers, Djeco, who make beautiful arts and crafts sets as well as lots of other stylish games and toys, will only allow independent stores to stock their products, giving us a USP against our larger competitors.

Everyone that works at Giddy Goat Toys is a parent, which means we understand when parents are stressed and rushing, we’re patient in the face of tantrums and we have experience of what children like to play with at particular ages. 


Train Table

         And to help you shop in peace we always have a selection of toys out on our play table for children to play with, plus our very popular train table.



We also understand how expensive it is raising children, which is why we’ve got a great range of toys for under a tenner, perfect for the endless party invites, as well as a fun pocket money range for those reward chart treats.

Pocket Money Stand



All our toys are carefully chosen from a range of over 25 suppliers and we cherry pick what we feel offer the best play value and the best value for money, taking into account suggestive feedback from both our customers and the Giddy Goat team. 

Our aim is to provide toys which will keep children entertained, whether you’re on a budget, looking for somewhere to spend pocket money or are in need of special gifts, our toy shop in Manchester has it all, so come on down and experience the magic of Giddy Goat Toys – we offer a friendly helpful service, with advice geared towards your budget and the age and interests of the recipient and if you can’t get into our shop, well fear not, we offer the same friendly helpful service over the phone – call us on 0161 445 1097 or you can shop online at – our pixies deliver across the UK (ok so we use couriers but a pixie delivery service is way more in keeping with a shop this magical).